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[expand title=”Is the ShadeTree® Canopies available in different widths?”]Yes. The ShadeTree® Canopies can be made to cover an area the width needed by simply adding additional canopy sections.  A 46″ width is  available in most colors and fabric, a 60′ width is available in most solid fabrics and a few striped fabrics.  Special custom widths can be made for an additional cost.[/expand]

[expand title="How long can the canopies span (project)?"]Twenty-one feet is the maximum recommended projection. Longer projections can be installed using aluminum track by erecting a support system at the the end of one set of tracks and installing a second set of canopies to extend the span.[/expand]

[expand title="Will the system ever rust or discolor?"]No. The aluminum tracks are made of heavy gauge, extruded aluminum, with a handsome powder-coated finish. The hardware is made of rugged fiberglass-reinforced resin, which has been UV stabilized to prevent yellowing or breakdown. The vinyl system is UV-treated to maintain true color indefinitely and is virtually maintenance-free.[/expand]

[expand title="Do the canopies collect rainwater when they are in the extended position?"]Rain easily runs off the sides of the extended canopies. If water collects suddenly in a heavy rain, the weight of the standing water activates a “release mechanism” so the rain can run off the sides to eliminate the water build-up.[/expand]

[expand title="What keeps the canopies from being damaged in gusting winds?"]A special wind release mechanism is used on each section of canopy. If left extended during wind storms, the canopies will release so they can float freely in the tracks to minimize the danger of damage. We do recommend that the canopies be retracted whenever not in use, especially if the owner is absent.[/expand]

[expand title="Will the fabrics fade?"]No. Sunbrella is a well-respected, solution-dyed acrylic outdoor fabric, made by Glen Raven Mills. It is guaranteed for five years against fading, rot, mold or mildew. These are the same fabrics used on boats as well as commercial awnings.[/expand]

[expand title="Will the system also help in cooling our house?"]Sure! Especially where there are windows or glass doors that look out onto the shaded deck or patio. This means the house remains more comfortable and the air conditioner runs less often.[/expand]

[expand title="Will the canopy keep the rain off of our patio?"]No. ShadeTree® Canopies are designed for shade. The mesh fabrics, which allow cool breezes to flow through them, also allow water to penetrate. Although the solid fabrics shed water, rain can come through the space between the sections.[/expand]

[expand title="Can the canopies be removed for winter storage or for cleaning?"]Yes, and its incredibly easy. Just loosen the top lock brackets and roller locks, then each canopy can be quickly rolled out of the tracks.  The tracks can remain up.[/expand]

[expand title=”How quickly can I have a ShadeTree® Canopy system installed?”]Very quickly. Your custom system can usually be shipped from the factory within two weeks from comfirmation of your order. Transit time varies, depending on location. Special orders involving unique widths or fabrics may also take additional time. Installing time for the tracks and canopies runs about two hours for a typical installation. Time required for erecting the wood, vinyl or aluminum support system depends on the complexity of its design.[/expand]

[expand title="What is the length or drop of the canopy handle?"]Each canopy has the handle overhang approximately 18″ from the tracks. This drop handle is for opening and closing the canopies, but it is also important for catching the wind to cause the wind-release mechanism to activate. Therefore, we encourage you NOT to shorten it. However, if you must have less than an 18″ overhang, the handle can easily be shortened.[/expand]

[expand title="What if the retracted canopies hang down in front of a door, casement window, etc.?"]Roller locks are used to fix the last canopy section (next to the house) in a permanently extended position. This keeps the canopy from retracting against the house to allow for clearance of existing obstacles. Additional roller locks should be requested when ordering. A grommet hole will be added to the last panel of the canopy to allow for rain drainage (additional charge of $5 for each canopy with extra roller locks and drainage hole).[/expand]

[expand title="Is there a warranty on ShadeTree® Canopies?"]Yes. The system’s posts and tracks are warranted for 10 years against breakage following installation. Hardware is also warranted to remain operable for five years following installation. Sunbrella® fabrics have a warranty for five years against fading and mildew. For a complete details, please go to our warranty page.[/expand]

[expand title="Can the canopies be installed vertically to provide protection against the afternoon sun?"]No. The ShadeTree® Canopy Systems primarily protect from overhead sun, but there is some late-afternoon-sun protection from the fabric that hangs down with the handle for opening and closing the canopy. See our newShadeTree® Backyard Blinds site for vertical shade.[/expand]

[expand title="Can I paint the overhead tracks to match the color of my house?"]Painting the tracks could cause the rollers to jam if excess paint were to get into the tracks. (Painting the tracks will also void your warranty). We now have our tracks available in an attractive taupe color for the Forester and Capri models.[/expand]

[expand title="Are the tracks available in colors other than white?"]Yes. We now have our aluminum tracks available in an attractive taupe and black color for the Forester and Capri models.[/expand]

[expand title="Can I mount the brackets that hold the track right to the wood siding on my house, or do I need to mount them to studs in the walls?"]You can mount the brackets right to the wood siding. They support very little weight, so only four small screws are used to mount each bracket. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.[/expand]

[expand title="If we change the color of our house in the future, can I order replacement fabric without buying a whole new system?"]Yes, you can change the fabric whenever you wish. There are new and exciting patterns available frequently.[/expand]

[expand title=”How do I get my builder to incorporate your ShadeTree® Canopies into my new house deck?”]Have him contact us! We’ll be glad to work with him and can even assist in the design process.[/expand]

[expand title="If I make a small mistake in measuring the length of the tracks, how do we fix it?"]That’s an important question. We’ve designed a special “extender bracket” for each track to accommodate errors up to 1 1/2 inches, plus or minus the correct measurement.[/expand]

[expand title="Do I need an electrician to install the 'Mood Lighting' in the tracks?"]It is simple to install. The 24-volt lights connect to a transformer which plugs into a standard 110 volt wall plug. (120 volt rope lighting sold through your local dealer may require an electrician.) Our system is similar to typical low-voltage landscape lights.[/expand]

[expand title="Do you ship to Canada?"]Yes we do, and there are NO additional freight charges for Canadian residents but they will be responsible for any custom and duty fees! Please pay in US dollars only.[/expand]

Awning facts

A ShadeTree® Retractable Awning can make it 20 degrees cooler on your deck or patio. It
can also lower the inside temperature of your house. Reducing your energy costs .

A ShadeTree® Retractable Awning will block up to 98% of harmful uv rays from the sun.

You can choose from 160 tempotest fabric stripes and solids by para.  Fabrics have a 10
year warranty.  You may also choose sunbrella fabric for a small additional charge.

Most ShadeTree® Retractable Awnings come with frame color choices of white, tan and

Frames have a warranty from 5 years to a limited lifetime depending on the model you

Installation – you may install your awnings yourself. It is recommended that you
have two or more people to assist you. 

You will need 9 inches of vertical wall space to install your awnings. It is possible
to install on roofs with a roof mount bracket.

We can find an installation professional for your convenience

The recommended height from the ground is 8 ft -11 ft 6in

Allow at least 8 inches above any door frame and check that when opened the door will
not interfere with the awning.

The pitch or awning slope is pre-set at the factory and should not require a major

When the awning is fully extended, the arms should have a slight bend ( not straight)

Light rain will not affect your awning performance, but when water starts to pool on
top of fabric it can cause damage

Light wind is no problem. The awning may bounce or sway slightly.  If you live
where there are sustained winds (20 mph) and high winds, a wind sensor is highly
recommended.  A motorized awning with a wind sensor will automatically retract when
it detects high winds

Never allow snow or rain to collect on your open retractable awnings.

 ShadeTree®Retractable Awnings can cost beween $1000 and $7000 depending on size and

 ShadeTree® Retractable Awning can be extented partially.